Still Life with Pitcher #2, 2000

Still Life with Pitcher #2, 2000

“A dynamic conversation between a curious group of found objects, each of which retains its own identity within the larger drama….The mix of benign, poetical, and aggressive objects is so masterfully counterbalanced that there exists a sense of implied motion.” William R. Valerio, PhD

Still Life with Pitcher #2,2000 is from a series of 3 works on the subject. Each features a smashed, almost cubist, pewter pitcher.It is a clear homage to Cezanne, who Dina studied and knew well from her training at the Barnes Foundation.
The series is further distinguished by the ‘frame’ of steel rods. As Valerio continues to write in his catalogue essay for the 2015 Transformations show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery (where Still Life with Pitcher #1 was exhibited): Wind draws a frame-like, flat rectangle at the back of the sculpture with four steel bars, and it seems thrown askew by the implied pulsation of the assembled objects. As here, Wind often draws lines in space with metal bars, chains, wires, cables, tubes, and gas lines; in Still Life with Pitcher, the sideways, rectangular frame emphasizes organic contrapuntal activities.

John Wind
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