Purples over Black I-IV, 2006

Purples over Black I-IV, 2006

In 2006, Dina created a body of paper reliefs that related closely to her room-sized metal installation, Black Islands [hyperlink]. She was exploring the three-dimensional possibilities of torn and rolled paper, looking to evoke the ‘gutsiness’ of metal in a new (and more forgiving) material.

Additionally, inspired by Lee Krasner’s repurposing of older works in newer, collage-based ones, here Dina used her own works-on-paper from the early 1980’s as raw materials.

Dina never sketched a sculpture before making it, but in the 1980’s she would occasionally interpret a completed work with ink, charcoal, gouache and watercolor on heavy watercolor paper. It is these sketches that she turned to for the core of the rolled paper project. They were supplemented by other pieces made exclusively of black and white paper, mimicking more closely the monochromatic impact of Black Islands.
Purples over Black I-IV is in the public lobby of the Abramson Cancer Center, within the Penn Medicine complex on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, PA.

John Wind
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