Opera Double Brooch: Madame Butterfly and The Barber of Seville, 1996


“In Opera Double Brooch, Wind drapes together different sizes and gauges of chains, and they decorate in the heraldic sense, playing with the idea of the wall sculpture as an ornament for the architectural space. Some of the chains are enormous, with large, sculptural links that conjure thoughts of dramatic mechanical processes, out of scale relative to the chains we know in everyday life. The artist’s son John told me that Wind bought a large barrel of rusted industrial chains decades ago at a flea market. This purchase fueled years of experimentation: sometimes she meticulously cleaned the links, other times she encouraged the development of a rich patina. But always she used the chain as an element of distinction.”

– William R. Valerio, PhD, The Patricia Van Burgh Allison Director & Chief Executive Officer, Woodmere Art Museum




50" x 55" x 8"


Varnish Steel, Paint


March 9, 2016

Two Black Bass

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