Grounds for Sculpture: Harp of David

Grounds for Sculpture: Harp of David

In 2018 Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ partnered with The Steward Johnson Atelier and the Dina Wind Art Foundation to enlarge Dina’s 1985 work to a monumental 26’ tall public sculpture. The Atelier fabricated the piece inside it’s airplane hanger-sized workshop, meticulously and creatively figuring out how to make 10x versions of what had been random bits of scrap metal. The glorious result was sited on a prominent lawn by the birch allée at the park, introducing many visitors to Dina’s complex and whimsical work for the first time.

Harp of David, 1985/2018 Steel, 26 x24 x22’

  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Teeth-Construction
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-of-David-5.18
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-of-David-Enlargement-in-process
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Nexus-Gallery,-Philadelphia-1986-show-with-Harp-of-David-#1-(closeup)
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Ribbon-cutting-celebration-8.18.18
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Welding-gears
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Welding-tubes
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-of-David-#1-1985--hi-res
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-Install-3
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-Install-2
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Harp-Install-1
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture---Coil-Construction
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture--Dina's-granddaughter-Gavi-cutting-the-ribbon,-8.18.18
  • Grounds-for-Sculpture.-Harp-of-David,-1985-2018
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