Currents: Summer Residency at PAFA 2017 – Dina Wind Scholarship Awardees

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Currents: Summer Residency at PAFA 2017 – Dina Wind Scholarship Awardees

Program Faculty: Colleen Asper, Troy Michie, Astrid Bowlby
Resident Critics: Didier William, Clint Jukkala, Sarah Peters, Jodi Throckmorton, Kelli Morgan


We are very grateful to The Dina Wind Scholarship for allowing us to provide full tuition scholarships for three talented young women artists working in sculpture, installation, film, or assemblage. This year’s recipients are: Libbi Ponce, Audrey Galat, Daniella Ellinger


Additionally we’d like to thank John McFadden for his generous gift also in honor of Dina Wind that allows us to support three additional residents working in any media. These recipients are: Demario Dotson, Maura Torre, and Monilola Illupeju


Awardees were selected by the Chair of the MFA Program, Didier William, in consultation with Currents faculty. They are a diverse and impressive group of artists who represent the high level of talent and rigor exhibited by this year’s applicants. Below is an image and statement excerpt from each artist.

“…one of the conceptual strategies I use is the situation described above, of creating dual/multiple personas, which are different versions of the same person, laid on top of each other…This correlates with a long term project I am working on that considers life as art, but also life as performance.”


Libbi Ponce

University of South Florida

Facebook – Libbi Annette Ponce
Instagram – @pibbi.lonce & #libbiponce

“I am intrigued in ways that art can address the complexities of female physicality and how blurring the lines that separate art being read as feminist or misogynist can create a nuanced reading of femininity as well as complicate the male gaze.”


Audrey Galat

Ohio State University

Facebook – Audrey Galat
Instagram – @audreygalat

“To be able to research and develop ideas outside of the self allows for a greater generation of “successful” content by the maker.”


Daniella Ellinger

Maryland Institute College of Art

Website –

Scholarship recipients supported by John McFadden in memory of Dina Wind

“I use art to engage in discussions that are not usually talked about such as; police brutality, micro aggressions, and exclusion. My work requires observation and hopefully results in are action that prompts self-reflection from the viewer part by examining their role in “the system.”


Demario Dotson

Columbus State University

Facebook – Demario Dotson

“…I do not try to hide what my materials are, instead I let them be, let them speak, as I create mysculptures. I alter certain portions of these materials with plaster or by building modularly to be able to bring my concept of functioning identity into play. The purity of material speaks to the basis of who we are as people, the blank slate we are and what we become as we grow.”


Maura Torres

Hamilton College

“Really, my ultimate mission is to elicit empathy, in myself and in others… The politics of representation and empathy lie at the very core of my work, but it doesn’t stop there.”


Monilola Ilupeju

New York University

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