Brooch #1 and Brooch #2, 1988

Brooch #1 and Brooch #2, 1988

Dina’s Brooches are a whimsical reference to her son John’s actual found-object jewelry pieces of the same time. The difference, of course, is scale. Hers are brooches for buildings, though in a sense the function is similar—to adorn, to enhance, and to call attention to oneself…

Brooch #1 and Brooch #2 adorned the façade of Dina and Jerry Wind’s Gladwyne PA home for nearly 25 years. The mellow rusted tones of the metal hung comfortably on the local Wissahickon Schist of the house.
At the Reading Public Museum, the works again drape a building, though here flanking the main entrance and standing guard as well as welcoming visitors. Their abstract, asymmetrical dynamism challenge the classicism of the building, and promise many other surprises inside.

John Wind
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