Black Earth #1, 1993

Black Earth #1, 1993

For her 1993 Nexus solo show, Dina explored low, wide horizontal compositions, which in addition to her signature car parts, often included elements evocative of tending the earth such as wagon wheels and even a tractor seat.

She had simple steel tables constructed for the exhibition, and displayed the series on them. It was a new solution to presenting her work, not floor, pedestal nor wall, and allowed the viewer to see the pieces both individually and as an installation.

For Woodmere’s 2012 Force of Nature show, Dina presented the piece on a found industrial cart that had been in her South Philadelphia studio. It offered an intriguing dialogue between the functional wheels of the cart and the more poetic, ‘frozen’ wheel within Black Earth #1. The museum accessioned the work, including it’s display cart, after this exhibition.

John Wind
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