2017 Dina Wind Concert

2017 Dina Wind Concert

“As producer of Relâche’s first record, I was involved with the ensemble from the beginning. For the past six years I have served as music director and composer for the Bearded Ladies, including writing the great majority of music for our collaboration with opera Philadelphia–Andy: A Popera.

I will compose a 10 minute piece for Relâche featuring singer John Jarboe in a costume by Rebecca Kanach– both of the Bearded Ladies. The fact that a bearded ballerina appears in entracte, a seminal piece for Relâche (and source for their name) will be an important point of connection for me.

I will also be bringing back the spirit of Barbara Noska, vocalist with Relâche for its early years. I like to think I’ll be bringing “the crazy” back.

Seeing how Dina wind and I both use assemblage in our art, I feel a certain simpatico with the frames of found objects. My work with the Bearded Ladies has often been a reframing and reimagining of extant material, designed to lull people by the familiar and then surprise them by an unfamiliar turn or context, to deliver, in Frederic Hollander’s words, a poison cookie.”

John Wind
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